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Trick Master's Boys (Book One)
by Patricia Logan

Release Date: 03/05/13
Pages: 103
Format ISBN Price
Kindle B00BPXTVXS 3.99
Author Page: Patricia Logan
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Master’s Boys (Book One) “Trick”

Wade [Jae1] is a throwaway, forced into prostitution at fourteen and living on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Nearly four years later, and now calling himself Trick, he’s still struggling to survive. While huddled in a doorway on a cold rainy morning, he thanks his lucky stars when an expensive Mercedes pulls up and rolls down a window.

Phoenix, known as Master P, may be a big intimidating Dom, but he has a soft spot for vulnerable young men. When he sees a homeless kid trembling in the cold, he has to stop and pick him up. What he finds is a boy with a naturally submissive nature and a damaged soul. As he begins to train the boy at the online BDSM club where he’s employed,, they form a fast and explosive combination.

When Trick begins to fall for his big Dom, Phoenix is forced to tell him that this is only play. The resulting fallout will shake Phoenix to his very core. Is this chance encounter doomed for failure or can the two men find a balance?[Jae2]

 [Jae1]We never find out his last name in the actual story

 [Jae2]I didn't change much. I took out his last name and added in BDSM since that's a key word you want readers to be able to search for. You already had submissive and dom, which are great key words too.


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