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No Going Back
by Redrae Gunn

Release Date: 04/16/13
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 277
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
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Author Page: Redrae Gunn
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Living on her own had never been a problem for Tayen Lone Wolf. Living in society had always been a problem. Thankfully she had her best friend David to help her through her social awkwardness. So after finalizing the divorce and closing the chapter on the worst year of her life, Tayen accepts David’s invitation of cohabitation only to meet the gorgeous, reserved, and available penthouse neighbor Caleb Wilson.

Caleb’s schedule as a music producer requires him to be away from Tayen frequently, and he hopes that his need to be in control, his ability to seal the deal, and his attention to contractual details will keep his trust issues at bay, especially since Tayen’s honesty is one of her most endearing and defining traits.

Tayen needs both the men in her life, one for friendship, the other to satisfy her more carnal desires. Feeling complete for the first time in her life, Tayen knows that she can’t return to the life of settling for mediocre. She wants it all and nothing less. 

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