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Judas' Kiss
by Justus Roux
Release Date: 06/04/13
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 202
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Author Page: Justus Roux
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My Master, Noah, brought all of us to Master Xanthos’ community when our former head Master died suddenly.  I didn’t know at the time that my brother Rex was a Master in this new community. Yet, my Master knew about Rex and this is why he chose this community.  Being reunited with my brother is a blessing that I never thought would happen, yet, fitting into this community is difficult, especially for Adam.
Adam is a unique submissive. His wild nature is sometimes hard for my Master to control. I believe Adam is falling in love with Rex’s Elle.  This will only cause problems between my Master and my brother.  Rex is very protective of Elle and my Master wants to give Adam what he needs.
Then there is Master Judas…where do I begin…he is immature, spoiled and avoids dealing with anything. And to make things worse I believe Master Judas will give into his addiction again. My Master doesn’t need this right now. is Master Judas’ behavior around my Master that ignites my anger.  The way he looks at Master Noah…he has feelings for my Master that go beyond mere friendship I just know it. The way Noah talks about Judas’ kiss... Noah is my Master, my husband...damn it, Judas.


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