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Bitten by Magic
by Kelleia Ashley

Release Date: 09/06/13
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Breathless Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-77101-175-4 5.99
Author Page: Kelleia Ashley

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When Alexa Carver ties the knot with a Vampire in order to save her kin, she finds an unexpected passion for his body and his bite.
As the Keeper of the Treaty, Alexa has always walked a fine line between right and wrong. When her trouble-loving cousin makes an enemy of Wilhelm Chambers, the oldest and strongest Vampire in the Western Hemisphere, she is forced to jump to the rescue by taking the place of Wilhelm's lost bride. What she didn't expect was finding a traitor in her Coven, flaws in her education about Vampires, and a serious case of the hots for her new hubby!
Wilhelm Chambers was enraged when his bride was stolen. She was docile and obedient, everything he wanted in a wife, or so he thought. Being saddled in holy matrimony with none other than the Keeper of the Treaty gives him the perfect opportunity for revenge, but one taste of her blood could change his mind and fate forever.
What's a Vampire and a Witch to do when they discover hidden magic in a kiss with a bit of a bite?
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