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Theron’s Boys
by Kiernan Kelly

Release Date: 03/29/13
Genre: GLBT Paranormal
Pages: 0
Publisher: MLR Press
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Author Page: Kiernan Kelly
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When an irresistable man offers Christian a job that sounds too good to be true, he finds out the proposal comes with sharp teeth and the loss of his immortal soul.

Christian thought he had a handle on life. He wasn't rich, but he had a decent job bartending at a local gay bar. That is until one night when Theron walked into the bar and turned his world upside down. Theron, a mesmerizing stranger with the ability to turn Christian on with a single look, makes Christian an offer he can't refuse, but in hindsight, probably should have - a job at Theron's ultra-trendy club. The problem? The position is for life, and in the underworld of vampire sex slaves, that can be a very, very long time, indeed.

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