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A Suitable Replacement
by Megan Derr

Release Date: 08/06/14
Genre: GLBT Fantasy
Pages: 232
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781684312733 5.99
Author Page: Megan Derr
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After three years abroad on an arduous expedition, Maximilian is happy to be home, where he can pursue his studies in peace and enjoy not living in a dusty tent. He has arrived in time to attend his twin sister's wedding in a few months, and to finally meet her fiancé, Kelcey.

But instead of reuniting with his sister, he is instead accosted by her irate fiancé, who wants to know where she has run off to and why. When they confirm the wedding is most definitely canceled, Max has no choice but to fulfill the runaway clause in the marriage contract: he must find Kelcey a new spouse.

But instead of a simple matter of escorting a man around town and arranging a suitable match, he instead finds himself swept up in all the trouble his infuriating sister left behind.

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