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A Love Not Forgotten
by Shawn Bailey

Release Date: 02/07/15
Genre: GLBT
Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing
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PDF 0.99
Author Page: Shawn Bailey
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Sportscaster Dustin Kahn drags his best friend Tom Morrison shopping so that Dustin can find a Valentine’s Day gift for his boyfriend Lindsey. While shopping, Dustin sees a familiar face but is unable to place where he knows the man from.

Edwin Lee recognizes Dustin almost instantly. Sure they both had changed in ten years but how do you forget your tenth grade crush?

When Lindsey breaks up with Dustin on Valentine’s Day because he is tired of hiding their relationship, a depressed Dustin wonders if he has been mistaken about his fans caring about his being gay.   Maybe it's time for him to face the world and embrace his sexuality once and for all.   Could a rekindled romance with Edwin be just what Dustin needs to finally be happy?

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