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Love Beyond Oceans
by Rebecca Royce

Release Date: 10/09/15
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 217
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Format ISBN Price
Kindle 978-1-941984-46-8 3.99
HTML 978-1-941984-46-8 3.99
EPUB 978-1-941984-46-8 3.99
PDF 978-1-941984-46-8 3.99
Author Page: Rebecca Royce
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Marina remembers nothing about her life before she wakes up a prisoner of the Outsiders, who want her help ending a war waged over lifetimes and dimensions. She wants her freedom...and to figure out why she's so drawn to Drew.

Marina awakes with no memories of her life to discover she's a prisoner of the Outsiders. Her captors think she's one of them and she should be helping them with an eternal war, waged over lifetimes and dimensions. She wants her freedom, yet she also needs to know why Drew gazes at her with such heat in his eyes.

Drew runs from his destiny and Marina for as long as he can. She won't believe him, but he does it to protect her from the evil inside of him, a connection to a demon who wants to destroy the Outsiders. Now, he has no choice but to embrace his destiny with Marina. War has come to their doorstep. The signs have signaled. And battle waits for no one.

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