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Married to the Aliens 1: Alexa
by Ashlynn Monroe

Release Date: 01/06/17
Genre: Erotic Sci-Fi
Pages: 53
Publisher: Changeling Press
Format ISBN Price
PDF 07914-02554 3.99
Author Page: Ashlynn Monroe
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Alexa's family lost everything during the technology bust that left Earth dependant on the Xerrians. Her only remaining commodity -- a rare blood antigen that makes her capable of bearing an alien child.

If she wants to save her little sister Sofia from a life of poverty, Alexa has little choice but to enter the Alien Brides program. She's offered the chance to marry a pair of wealthy aliens, who agree to pay Sofia's way into a good school and a better future.

Alexa finds herself on a trip out-of-this-world and into the bed of two very alpha males. Will they recognize just how priceless her soul is, or will she be nothing more than a sex slave?

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